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Leoni Avison

September 2, 2019

Welcome to the Blog!


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 The Blog

Welcome to our blog, we are so glad you are here!

We want you to get to know all about our little GBC family and the part each of us play in keeping our little cake factory going.

First up we have………

Leoni Avison

Name: Leoni 

Role at GBC: Company Director / Cake Maker Extraordinaire 

Time worked at GBC: 6 years

Favourite Colour: (it changes all of the time, but at the moment…) Pink

Favourite sweet treat: Vegan Brownie 

Sweet or Savoury: Sweet, every time! 

Favourite TV Show: It depends what mood I’m in but I do love binging on Ru Paul’s Drag Race! 

Favourite Season: Autumn 

Favourite Animal: Dog! We have two super cute pooches but I would have more if I had the space! P.S did you know our parlour is doggy friendly too?

Favourite App: Instagram. You’ll find me on it all day, everyday! Mainly for work of course!

Hobbies or Interests: 

Not to sound lame but decorating cakes! Specifically making beautiful sugar flowers. I’m lucky to have been able to turn my favourite interest into my full time job! I also love to travel and explore new places as well as spend time with my fabulous family and friends and of course my little GBC baby, Abel. 

Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers

Favourite thing about working at GBC: 

Being able to create anything we want is pretty special but what I love about my job is that we get to share in so many peoples special moments. From baby showers, hen parties and birthdays celebrated at our parlour, to making beautiful cakes creations for peoples special occasions. I love being able to be part of so many special memories! 

Stay tuned for more meet the team posts and let us know what questions you’d like answering! 

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